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Welcome to the site of the three-dimensional chess game from the STAR TREK ® © TM TV-episodes. Here you will find playable rules developed by players of international ("orthodox") chess, based on rules from the World Chess Federation (FIDE). You'll also find problems, links, downloads (like building specifications for a 3D chessboard) and more. Enjoy the games of other players in the gamessection!

Three-dimensional chess is a very logical and beautiful game, being a natural extension of the popular "orthodox" chess. Method of play and playing techniques are therefore very similar to that of ortho-chess, especially since the same number of squares are present (64), as well as the same pieces (including their number, move rules, values, etc.). Furthermore all familiar "special" rules retain their basic form in 3D chess (including those for castling, promotion, en passant, stalemate, and more). It is only the chessboard that really differs in 3D chess, giving rise to a 3rd spatial direction for the course of the game. Of particular mention are the "attackboards", with their ability to be both a 'static' part of the board (on the one hand), and at the same time a 'dynamic', movable feature (on the other).

The rules on this site were developed by "ortho"-chess players based on those from the World Chess Federation (FIDE), but extended for play on the 3-dimensional board. As a result, experienced players will find some familiar rule passages, which were retained for the benefit of lesser-experienced players.

We believe growing praxis will allow games to be completed in a single sitting, as a matter of course. (Playing tip: A view from the top of the board will always help in understanding the current status of pieces in play in the 3D gamespace.)

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