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Once a while people ask where they can buy a 3dChessboard. Too bad that we still did not found anybody who is producing ore selling them. So you will find here Building Specifications, a VRML-Board and Software to visualize a game virtualy.. Further notes to producer who once sold boards but don't do it anymore.

Building Specifications

# build_cl-TOS.pdf »download
Original form from the Classic Episodes (pdf) 164 KB

external Link  Manufacture Guide
Travel 3d-Chess from Jens Meder- english

Virtual Board

# 3d-board.wrl »download
VRML-Board. (Browser-PlugIn needed) 20 KB


external Link parmen
WINDOWS 3d-chesssoftware, english


Franklin Mint
brought up two version during the 90s, a Classic- and a TNG Version. Was found under: www.thechessstore.com.

Boelter Design
was authorised producer for a classic-version in original size. Just a few where produced and sold. may be found on online-auctions.




bauanleitung m.klein
Building Specifications TOS

bauanleitung j.meder
Building Specifications Travel


Parmen 3DSchach-Software
Parmen Software

Boelter Design
Boelter Design

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