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White (7 Figures) :
, KP1, K:e0/KP1, T:d0/KP1, L:a6N, S:b3W, B:z1/DP1, d1/KP1, e1/KP1
Black (7 Figures):
DP6, KP6, K:d9/KP6, T:e9/KP6, S:b6N, c7S, B: z8/DP6, d8/KP6, e8/KP6

White to move:
Black is in check. Which possibilities does he have to get out? May black castle?
(Autor: Jens Meder)


White (6 Figures):
K:e1/KP1 - L:a4n - S:a7s - T:b5s - B:e7/KP4 - b6s
Black (4 Figures):
K:d9/KP6 - B:d5s - b7s - a8/DP6

White to move:
Mate in 3 moves - (Autor: M.Klein)

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